In this article we describe how to expand a partially dynamic reconfig- urable pattern matcher for regular expressions presented in previous work by Di- vyasree and Rajashekar [2]. The resulting, extended, pattern matcher is fully dynamically reconfigurable. First, the design is adapted for use with parameterisable configurations, a method for Dynamic Circuit Specialization. Using parameteris- able configurations allows us to achieve the same area gains as the hand crafted reconfigurable design, with the benefit that parameterisable configurations can be applied automatically. This results in a design that is more easily adaptable to spe- cific applications and allows for an easier design exploration. Additionally, the pa- rameterisable configuration implementation is also generated automatically, which greatly reduces the design overhead of using dynamic reconfiguration. Secondly, we propose a number of expansions to the original design to overcome several limitations in the original design that constrain the dynamic reconfigurability of the pattern matcher. We propose two different solutions to dynamically change the character that is matched in a certain block. The resulting pattern matcher, after these changes, is fully dynamically reconfigurable, all aspects of the implemented regular expression can be changed at run-time.