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ELIS, the Electronics and Information Systems department, is one of the largest departments of the Faculty of Engineering at Ghent University. It is also one of the three departments with their main activities in the fields of electronics, computer science and ICT. In particular in these technical fields, the evolution in industry and society is taking place faster than ever.

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Salon on women & STEM: TEDx Ghent, Francis wyffels

When he was a child, Francis wyffels had one dream: to build robots. Nowadays, Francis is a robotics researcher at the Data Science Lab of Ghent University. As a chair and co-founder of Dwengo, Francis inspires children, teachers and volunteers worldwide to tinker with electronics and coding.

Francis talked about how the Dwengo programs help to reach out for girls and socio-economically disadvantaged children to make their first steps in robotics.

Selecteer muziek op basis van jouw gedachten

Ingenieursstudenten van UGent Campus Kortrijk creëren slimme producten voor de toekomst

Stel   je   eens   voor   dat   jouw   muziekspeler   steeds   de   beste   muziek   afspeelt,   dit   op   elk   moment  van   de   dag   aangepast   aan   jouw   gemoedstoestand.   Dit   is   niet   langer   fictie   dankzij   Emuse:   de  koptelefoon   met   ingebouwde   gedachtenlezer.   De   Emuse   selecteert   muziek   op   basis   van  jouw   emoties,   vind   je   een   liedje   niet   leuk   dan   schakelt   hij   automatisch   over   naar   het  volgende liedje...

Molecubes becoming a worldwide player in preclinical imaging

Molecubes, a spin-off from Ghent University-iMinds led by Prof. Dr. Roel Van Holen, has raised 1.9M euro in seed capital through Qbic Arkiv Fund and a syndicate of four investors. The investment will allow Molecubes to launch the world’s smallest desktop PET, SPECT and CT scanner family for the three dimensional (3D) imaging of animals. As such, Molecubes is determined to become a worldwide player in preclinical imaging.

SID - Mid Europe Student Award for Mohammad Mohammadimasoudi

The SID-ME Chapter Student Award is granted for an outstanding scientific or technical achievement in, or contribution to, research on information display.
Recently the SID-ME Student Award Committee reached a unanimous decision to give the award to Mohammad Mohammadimasoudi from the Liquid crystals and Photonics group for his work entitled 'Thin film polarized liquid crystal backlight'.

Jasper De Bock wins ISIPTA-IJAR Young Researcher Award

Jasper De Bock, postdoc at the SYSTeMS group of ELIS, has been awarded the `ISIPTA-IJAR Young Researcher Award: Gold Prize 2015' at ISIPTA '15 (the 9th International Symposium on Imprecise Probability: Theory and Applications) in Pescara, Italy. This award is granted once every two years by IJAR (International Journal of Approximate Reasoning) to one (or more) young researchers, for excellent research in the area of imprecise probabilities.

ASAP 2015 Best student paper award

PhD student Cecilia Gonzalez-Alvarez has received the Best Student Paper Award at the ASAP 2015 Conference in Toronto, Canada. Congratulations!

AI that hallucinates

What is this?
It's an AI that hallucinates. It's interactive: you can tell it what to dream about!
"The AI in question was originally created to classify objects in images. Inspired by Google's inceptionism art, we have repurposed it to dream about these objects instead."
More information of Jonas Degrave's project on http://www.twitch.tv/317070

Pieter De Backer wint Jozef Plateauprijs voor afstudeerwerken

Op 21/5/2015 won Pieter De Backer de prestigieuze Jozef Plateauprijs voor afstudeerwerken.

Zijn eindwerk draagt de titel "Ontwerp en Fabricage van een Schakelbare Artificiële Iris"/ "Design and Fabrication of a Tunable Artificial Iris"
en kan teruggevonden worden op http://lib.ugent.be/catalog/rug01:002033322

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