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ELIS, the Electronics and Information Systems department, is one of the largest departments of the Faculty of Engineering at Ghent University. It is also one of the three departments with their main activities in the fields of electronics, computer science and ICT. In particular in these technical fields, the evolution in industry and society is taking place faster than ever.

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Better protection for mobile software thanks to researchers from Ghent University

Thanks to a state-of-the-art software security framework designed by engineers of the ELIS (Electronics and Information Systems) department of Ghent University, it is possible to establish trustworthy execution of software on mobile client devices. The strength of this framework lies in the combination of several new and improved protection techniques. In addition, ASPIRE also developed new metrics and a new methodology to evaluate software protection levels, with the ambition of making the methodology the future gold standard of software protection.

The project was very successful and received an excellent assessment by the European Commission.

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