Research Groups


  • bioMMeda has a wide scope of research topics ranging from the study of flow and transport processes in the cardiovascular system and artificial organs, biomechanical aspects of the cardiovascular and the skeleto-muscular systems to medical devices.
  • Circuits and Systems uses its expertise to apply system level techniques in order to design analog integrated circuits with a performance that surpasses inherent technological limitations. The research activities mainly focus on analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters for telecommunication and sensor interface applications.
  • CMST is involved in the design, technology and testing of microsystems. Examples are: liquid crystal on silicon microdisplays and projection systems, system in package technology, flexible bio-electronics, and mixed-mode ASICs. The group is affiliated with IMEC vzw.
  • CSL (former PARIS) consists of over 50 members active in design of digital systems, reconfigurable hardware, early design stage techniques, embedded systems, computer architecture, program execution modelling, compilers, whole program transformation, debugging, software instrumentation, Java implementation technology, parallel and distributed systems. It is a centre of excellence in the design of embedded systems.
  • Data Science Lab has a particular focus on machine learning, information retrieval, multimedia computing, exploratory data mining, data modelling and visualization, knowledge and reasoning, coding and information theory, robotics and control, and the use of high performance computing for these tasks.
  • Displays and Electro-optic components focuses its research mainly on luminescent films and projection displays.
  • Liquid Crystals and Photonics investigates the electro-optical behaviour of displays and photonic components based on nematic, ferro and antiferro-electric liquid crystals. There is expertise in measuring and modeling the effects of interfaces, electric fields and light on crystals, with special interest in ionic transport, solitary waves and spatial light modulators. In addition there is related research on electrophoretic ink and optical microcavity effects.
  • Medisip is performing research in the field of digital image and signal processing, mainly focused on biomedical applications. Some of the research topics covered by Medisip are image reconstruction from projections in nuclear medicine imaging (SPECT, PET), modelling and simulation of SPECT and PET scanners, MR image formation and image reconstruction, image analysis and quantification and biomedical signal processing. The activities of Medisip span from basic/fundamental to applied research, and have several industrial applications.