Publications of S Audenaert

Journal papers

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  2. L. Weyten and S. Audenaert Two-capacitor DAC with compensative switching Electronics Letters, Vol. 31(17), pp. 1435-1436 (1995)

Conference publications

  1. P. Rombouts, S. Audenaert and L. Weyten A CMOS 12-bit 15 Msample/s Digitally Self-calibrated Pipelined A/D converter Proceedings of the 25th IEEE European Solid-State Circuits Conference, Vol. 25, pp. 326-329 (1999)
  2. S. Audenaert and L. Weyten An optimized display drive waveform for higher refresh rates Proceedings of the 17th International Display research Conference, pp. 191--194 (1997)
  3. S. Audenaert, J. Raman and L. Weyten An Improved Addressing Scheme for AMLCD`s Proceedings of the 15th International Display Research Conference, pp. 489-492 (1995)