Publications of Antonio Brogi

Journal papers

  1. Isabelle Linden, Jean-Marie Jacquet, Koen De Bosschere and Antonio Brogi On the expressiveness of timed coordination models SCIENCE OF COMPUTER PROGRAMMING, Vol. 61(2), pp. 152-187 (2006)

Conference publications

  1. J.-M. Jacquet, K. De Bosschere and A. Brogi On Timed Coordination Languages Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Coordination Models and Languages, Vol. 1906, pp. 81-98 (2000)

Other publications

  1. K. De Bosschere, J.-M. Jacquet and A. Brogi Proceedings of the ICLP`94 Post-Conference Workshop on Process-Based Parallel Logic Programming pp. 1 - 114 (1994)