Publications of J Chen

Journal papers

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  5. A. De Vos, J. Chen and B. Andresen Analysis of combined systems of two endoreversible engines Open Systems and Information Dynamics, Vol. 4, pp. 3-13 (1997)

Conference publications

  1. J. Chen, H. Peremans and J.M. Van Campenhout Ultrasonic Perception : Tri-aural Sensor Array for Robots using a Competition Neural Network Approach IEA/ AIE-96 The Ninth International Conference on Industrial and Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems, pp. 737-742 (1996)
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  5. J. Chen, J.M. Van Campenhout and H. Peremans Application of an Artificial Neural Network in an Object Localization System Using Ultrasonic Sensors Proceedings of the IASTED Int. Conferenceon Robotics and Manufacturing, pp. 20-23 (1993)

Other publications

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