Publications of C Fiers

Conference publications

  1. C. Fiers, W. Van De Velde and E.H. D`Hollander The Generation of Light-Weight Threads for the Parallel Execution of a Taskgraph NFWO Workshop Parallel Computing, pp. 47-60 (1993)

Other publications

  1. E.H. D`Hollander, F.-B. Zhang, J. Opsommer, C. Fiers, W. Van De Velde and C. Vancompernolle Implementing an Automatic Programming Environment for Parallel Processing LEM Technical Report, (DG92-07) pp. (1992)
  2. C. Fiers Pre-Compiler voor de Automqtische Taakgraf Generatie van een Gewoon Programma Afstudeerwerk FTW, RUG, pp. (1991)