Publications of Kristof Geebelen

Journal papers

  1. Toon De Pessemier, Sam Coppens, Kristof Geebelen, Chris Vleugels, Stijn Bannier, Erik Mannens, Kris Vanhecke and Luc Martens Collaborative recommendations with content-based filters for cultural activities via a scalable event distribution platform MULTIMEDIA TOOLS AND APPLICATIONS, Vol. 58(1), pp. 167-213 (2012)

Conference publications

  1. Toon De Pessemier, Sam Coppens, Erik Mannens, Simon Dooms, Luc Martens and Kristof Geebelen An event distribution platform for recommending cultural activities 7th international conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies, Proceedings, pp. 231-236 (2011)
  2. Erik Mannens, Sam Coppens, Toon De Pessemier, Kristof Geebelen, Hendrik Dacquin, Davy Van Deursen and Rik Van de Walle Unifying and targeting cultural activities via events modelling and profiling Proceedings of the 1st ACM international workshop on Events in multimedia, pp. 33-40 (2009)