Publications of C Hu

Journal papers

  1. Stijn Vandewiele, Toon Brans, Liesbet Van Landschoot, Katarzyna Komorowska, Steven Verstuyft, Ananth Subramanian, Chen Hu, Filip Beunis and Roel Baets Single-mode air-clad liquid-core waveguides on a surface energy patterned substrate OPTICS LETTERS, Vol. 39(16), pp. 4942-4945 (2014)
  2. Chen Hu, Tangi Aubert, Yolanda Justo Zarraquiños, Stijn Flamée, Marco Cirillo, Alban Gassenq, Oksana Drobchak, Filip Beunis, Günther Roelkens and Zeger Hens The micropatterning of layers of colloidal quantum dots with inorganic ligands using selective wet etching NANOTECHNOLOGY, Vol. 25(17), pp. 11 (2014)
  3. Y. Cao, C. Hu, X. Huang, A.B. Kahng, I.L. Markov, M. Oliver, D. Stroobandt and D. Sylvester Improved A Priori Interconnect Predictions and Technology Extrapolation in the GTX System IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems, Special Section on System-Level Interconnect Prediction (SLIP), Vol. 11(1), pp. 3-14 (2003)

Conference publications

  1. Y. Cao, C. Hu, X. Huang, A.B. Kahng, S. Muddu, D. Stroobandt and D. Sylvester Effects of Global Interconnect Optimizations on Performance Estimation of Deep Submicron Design Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer-Aided Design (ICCAD 2000), pp. 56-61 (2000)
  2. Y. Yu, Q. Wang, B. Zang, C.-Q. Zhu and E. D`Hollander Interactively Studying the Unimodular Loop Parallelizing Transformations using PEFPT Programming Environment Proceedings of the International Seminar on Software for Parallel Computing: Programming Paradigms, Development Environments and Debugging, pp. 173-198 (1998)

Other publications

  1. E.H. D`Hollander, E.E. Kerre, P. Shi, M.C. Vanwormhoudt, C.Q. Zhu, Z. Pu and F. Vandamme Topics in Knowledge and Information Technology A Flanders-China Cooperation on Science and Technology Management, High Performance Computing, Intelligent Systems and Virtual Reality Proceedings of the International Symposium on Topics in Knowledge and Information Technology, pp. 1-227 (1997)