Publications of F Jacobs

Journal papers

  1. Filip Jacobs, Michel Koole, Ingeborg Goethals, Christophe Van De Wiele, Hamphrey Ham and Rudi Dierckx Registration accuracy of Gd-153 transmission images of the brain EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE AND MOLECULAR IMAGING, Vol. 31(11), pp. 1495-1499 (2004)
  2. Filip Jacobs, Michel Koole, I Goethals, C Van de Wiele, H Ham and R Dierckx Registration accuracy of 153Gd transmission images of the brain European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, Vol. 31(11), pp. 1495-1499 (2004)
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  5. F. Jacobs, E. Sundermann, B. De Sutter, M. Christiaens and I. Lemahieu A fast algorithm to calculate the exact radiological path through a pixel or voxel space Journal of computing and information technology, Vol. 6(1), pp. 89-94 (1998)

Conference publications

  1. F. Jacobs and I. Lemahieu Iterative image reconstruction from projections based on generalised Kaiser-Bessel window functions Proceedings of the 1st world congress on industrial process tomography, pp. 427-432 (1999)
  2. F. Jacobs A parallel implementation of the MLEM algorithm for the reconstruction of PET images Syllabus of the Parallel Computer Seminar, pp. 88-92 (1996)
  3. F. Jacobs, J. Van Overloop and I. Lemahieu An appropriate Image to start the MLEM Reconstruction of PET Images which can also be used to estimate the attenuation Matrix Proceedings of the IASTED International Conference Signal and Image Processing and Applications - SIPA 96, pp. 8-10 (1996)
  4. P. Govaert, C. De Praeter and F. Jacobs The next generation in brain sonography Hot Topics `95 in neonatology, ROSS special conference, pp. 357 (1995)
  5. F. Jacobs, W. Philips and I. Lemahieu A software method for extracting the TGC from digitized ultrasound images Abstract book of the 7th Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering, pp. 154 (1995)
  6. F. Jacobs, W. Philips and I. Lemahieu Quantitative Ultrasound Measurements without Special Hardware Proceedings of the ProRISC & IEEE-Benelux workshop on Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing, pp. 153 - 158 (1995)

Other publications

  1. Filip Jacobs, Yves D`Asseler, J Disckson, Ignace Lemahieu and Rik Van de Walle Instrumentation in Nuclear Medicine Nuclear Medicine in Psychiatry, pp. 13-32 (2004)
  2. Filip Jacobs Reconstructiemethoden voor positronemissietomografiebeelden Doctoraatsproefschrift Faculteit Toegepaste Wetenschappen, Universiteit Gent, pp. 1-192 (1999)
  3. F. Jacobs, S. Matej and R. Lewitt Image Reconstruction Techniques for PET ELIS Technical Report R9810, MIPG Technical Report MIPG245, pp. 1-61 (1998)
  4. F. Jacobs, H. Neefs, Michiel Ronsse, N. Slaats, B. Van Assche and W. Qi Syllabus of the Parallel Computing Seminar pp. 1-130 (1996)
  5. F. Jacobs Kwantitatieve Echodensiteitsmetingen bij Neonatale Hersenstudies. Afstudeerwerk FTW, RUG, pp. (1994)