Publications of Viviane Jonckers

Conference publications

  1. Niels Joncheere, Bart Verheecke, Viviane Jonckers, Sofie Van Hoecke, Gregory Van Seghbroeck and Bart Dhoedt Web service composition using the Web Services Management Layer WEBIST 2008: PROCEEDINGS OF THE FOURTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON WEB INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGIES, VOL 1, Vol. 1, pp. 109-116 (2008)
  2. Davy Preuveneers, Jan Van den Bergh, Dennis Wagelaar, Andy Georges, Peter Rigole, Tim Clerckx, Yolande Berbers, Karin Coninx, Viviane Jonckers and Koen De Bosschere Towards an extensible context ontology for Ambient Intelligence Proceedings of the 2nd European Symposium on Ambient Intelligence, Vol. 3295, pp. 148-159 (2004)