Publications of J. S Karp

Journal papers

  1. Stefaan Vandenberghe, J. Karp and Ignace Lemahieu Influence of TOF resolution on object dependent convergence in iterative listmode MLEM Abstract book supplement to the Journal of Nuclear Medicine, Vol. 47(5), pp. 58P (2006)

Conference publications

  1. Stefaan Vandenberghe, S. Matej, M. E. Daube-Witherspoon, M. Guerchaft, J. Verhaeghe, A. Bol, L. van Elmbt, Ignace Lemahieu and J. S. Karp Determining timing resolution from TOF-PET emission data 2007 IEEE NUCLEAR SCIENCE SYMPOSIUM CONFERENCE RECORD, VOLS 1-11, pp. 2727-2731 (2007)
  2. L. Stolt, K. Granath, E. Niemi, M. Bodegaard, J. Hedstroem, J. Skarp, S. Bocking, M. Carter, D. Lincot, M. Burgelman, B. Dimmler, R. Menner, M. Powalla, U. Ruehle and H.-W. Schock Thin film solar modules based on Cu(In,Ga)Se2 prepared by the coevaporation method Proceedings of the 13th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference, pp. 1451-1455 (1995)