Publications of T Kimpe

Conference publications

  1. Johanna Rousson, Jeanne Couturou, Arnout Vetsuypens, Ljiljana Platisa, Asli Kumcu, Tom Kimpe and Wilfried Philips Subjective quality and depth assessment in stereoscopic viewing of volume-rendered medical images IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging 2014, Proceedings, pp. (2014)
  2. T Kimpe, C��dric Marchessoux, G Spalla, Bart Goossens, Hans Hallez, Ewout Vansteenkiste, Steven Staelens and Wilfried Philips A software simulation framework to predict clinical performance of medical displays International Display Workshops, 15th, Proceedings, pp. 4 (2008)
  3. C. Marchessoux, T. Kimpe, Hans Hallez, Bart Goossens, Ewout Vansteenkiste, Tom Bert, Steven Staelens, Ignace Lemahieu and Wilfried Philips Medical Display Simulation Chain (MEDISIC): preliminary results Medical Image Perception Society conference, pp. (2007)

Other publications

  1. Tom Kimpe Techniques for Improving Image Quality of Medical Display Systems pp. (2007)
  2. T. Kimpe Studie van afhankelijkheidsspeculatie in superscalaire processors Afstudeerwerk FTW, RUG, pp. (2001)