Publications of F LENTES

Conference publications

  1. Luc Vanwassenhove, Roel Baets, Marnik Brunfaut, Jan Van Campenhout, J HALL, K EBELING, H MELCHIOR, A NEYER, Hugo Thienpont, R VOUNCKX, J VAN KOETSEM, P HEREMANS, F LENTES and D LITAIZE Two dimensional optical interconnect between CMOS IC's 50TH ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS & TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE - 2000 PROCEEDINGS, pp. 231-237 (2000)
  2. Luc Vanwassenhove, Roel Baets, Bart Dhoedt, Peter Van Daele, P Heremans, Jan Van Campenhout, J Hall, R Michalzik, H Melchior, Hugo Thienpont, R Vounckx, A Neyer, D O'Brien, J Van Koetsem, F Lentes and D Litaize Technologies for two-dimensional optical interconnect between CMOS IC's ECIO '99 : 9th European conference on integrated optics and technical exhibition, pp. 423-428 (1999)