Publications of Eric Laermans

Conference publications

  1. Sofie Van Hoecke, Wouter Haerick, Gregory De Jans, Filip De Turck, Eric Laermans, Bart Dhoedt and Piet Demeester Design and implementation of a secure media content delivery broker architecture ISWS '05: PROCEEDINGS OF THE 2005 INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON WEB SERVICES AND APPLICATIONS, pp. 3-9 (2005)
  2. Ann Ackaert, Sofie Van Hoecke, Ingrid Moerman, Eric Laermans, Koen Van Boxstael and Piet Demeester IBBT-COPLINTHO Innovative communication platforms for interactive eHomeCare Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Applications and Services in Wireless Networks, ASWN 2005, pp. 131-135 (2005)
  3. Wouter Haerick, Sofie Van Hoecke, Bart Dhoedt and Eric Laermans Secure brokering of web services 5th FTW PHD Symposium, Interactive poster session, paper nr. 001 (proceedings available on CD-Rom), pp. (2004)