Publications of Guodong Li

Journal papers

  1. G. Agostinelli, D. Batzner and M. Burgelman A theoretical model for the front region of cadmium telluride solar cells Thin Sold Films, pp. (2003)

Conference publications

  1. Lu Zhao, Guodong Li, Bjorn De Sutter and John Regehr ARMor : fully verified software fault isolation 2011 International Conference on Embedded Software (EMSOFT 2011), pp. 289-298 (2011)
  2. G. Agostinelli, D. Batzner and M. Burgelman AN ALTERNATIVE MODEL FOR V, G AND T DEPENDENCE OF CdTe SOLAR CELLS IV CHARACTERISTICS Proceedings of the 29th IEEE Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference, New-Orleans, may 2002, pp. 744-747 (2002)

Other publications

  1. G. Agostinelli Photocurrent analysis of CdTe solar cells Doctoraatsproefschrift Faculteit Toegepaste Wetenschappen, Universiteit Gent, pp. 1-135 (2002)