Publications of Arun Nair

Journal papers

  1. Arun Nair, Stijn Eyerman, Jian Chen, Lizy John and Lieven Eeckhout Mechanistic modeling of architectural vulnerability factor ACM TRANSACTIONS ON COMPUTER SYSTEMS, Vol. 32(4), pp. 32 (2015)

Conference publications

  1. Arun Arvind Nair, Stijn Eyerman, Lieven Eeckhout and Lizy Kurian John A first-order mechanistic model for architectural vulnerability factor Conference Proceedings Annual International Symposium on Computer Architecture, pp. 273-284 (2012)
  2. Arun Arvind Nair, Lizy Kurian John and Lieven Eeckhout AVF stressmark : towards an automated methodology for bounding the worst-case vulnerability to soft errors MICRO-43 : proceedings of the 43rd Annual IEEE/ACM international symposium on microarchitecture, pp. 125-136 (2010)