Publications of D Pau

Journal papers

  1. D Pnevmatikatos, K Papadimitriou, T Becker, P Böhm, A Brokalakis, Karel Bruneel, C Ciobanu, Tom Davidson, G Gaydadjiev, Karel Heyse, W Luk, X Niu, I Papaefstathiou, D Pau, O Pell, C Pilato, MD Santambrogio, D Sciuto, Dirk Stroobandt, T Todman and Elias Vansteenkiste FASTER : facilitating analysis and synthesis technologies for effective reconfiguration MICROPROCESSORS AND MICROSYSTEMS, Vol. 39(4-5), pp. 321-338 (2014)

Conference publications

  1. F Spada, A Scolari, GC Durelli, R Cattaneo, MD Santambrogio, D Sciuto, DN Pnevmatikatos, GN Gaydadjiev, O Pell, A Brokalakis, W Luk, Dirk Stroobandt and D Pau FPGA-based design using the FASTER toolchain : the case of STM Spear development board 2014 IEEE INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON PARALLEL AND DISTRIBUTED PROCESSING WITH APPLICATIONS (ISPA), pp. 134-141 (2014)