Publications of Jelle Roets

Journal papers

  1. Alain Kalmar, Anthony Absalom, Pieter Rombouts, Jelle Roets, FRANK DEWAELE, Pascal Verdonck, Arjanne Stemerdink, Jan Zijlstra and Koenraad Monsieurs Automatic detection of oesophageal intubation based on ventilation pressure waveforms shows high sensitivity and specificity in patients with pulmonary disease RESUSCITATION, Vol. 105, pp. 36-40 (2016)

Other publications

  1. Francis wyffels, Willem Van De Steene, Jelle Roets, Cristina Ciocci and Juan Pablo Carbajal Building ArtBots to attract students into STEM learning arXiv, pp. 1-10 (2016)
  2. Jelle Roets Optimalisatie van de energie-omzetting in zonnepanelen door actieve cel-reconfiguratie Afstudeerwerk FEA, UGent, pp. (2012)