Publications of Yvan Saeys

Conference publications

  1. Catherine Middag, Yvan Saeys and Jean Martens Towards an ASR-free objective analysis of pathological speech INTERSPEECH, Vol. 2010, pp. 294-297 (2010)
  2. Philippe Faes, Bram Minnaert, Mark Christiaens, Eric Bonnet, Yvan Saeys, Dirk Stroobandt and Yves Van de Peer Scalable Hardware Accelerator for Comparing DNA and Protein Sequences Proceedings of the First International Conference on Scalable Information Systems (INFOSCALE), pp. on CD (2006)

Other publications

  1. Y. Saeys Studie en optimalisatie van het genetisch algoritme in CAM-BRAIN Afstudeerwerk FTW, RUG, pp. (2000)