Publications of Alexandre Tuleu

Conference publications

  1. Alexander Sproewitz, Alexandre Tuleu, Michiel D'Haene, Rico Möckel, Jonas Degrave, Massimo Vespignani, Sebastien Gay, Mostafa Ajallooeian, Benjamin Schrauwen and Auke Jan Ijspeert Towards dynamically running quadruped robots : performance, scaling, and comparison Adaptive Motion of Animals and Machines, Proceedings, pp. 133-135 (2013)
  2. Alexander Sproewitz, Lorenz Kuechler, Alexandre Tuleu, Mostafa Ajallooeian, Michiel D'Haene, Rico Moeckel and Auke Jan Ijspeert Oncilla robot : a light-weight bio-inspired quadruped robot for fast locomotion in rough terrain Adaptive Motion in Animals and Machines, 5th International symposium, Abstracts, pp. (2011)