Publications of Hannes Verschore

Journal papers

  1. Pieter-Jan Kindermans, Hannes Verschore and Benjamin Schrauwen A unified probabilistic approach to improve spelling in an event-related potential based brain-computer interface IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING, pp. (2013)

Conference publications

  1. Pieter-Jan Kindermans, Hannes Verschore, David Verstraeten and Benjamin Schrauwen A P300 BCI for the masses : prior information enables instant unsupervised spelling Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 25, pp. 9 (2012)
  2. Hannes Verschore, Pieter-Jan Kindermans, David Verstraeten and Benjamin Schrauwen Dynamic stopping improves the speed and accuracy of a P300 speller International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks, Proceedings, pp. (2012)

Other publications

  1. Hannes Verschore A Brain-Computer Interface combined with a language model: the requirements and benefits of a P300 speller Afstudeerwerk FEA, UGent, pp. (2012)