Publications of C.-Q Zhu

Conference publications

  1. Y. Yu, Q. Wang, B. Zang, C.-Q. Zhu and E. D`Hollander Interactively Studying the Unimodular Loop Parallelizing Transformations using PEFPT Programming Environment Proceedings of the International Seminar on Software for Parallel Computing: Programming Paradigms, Development Environments and Debugging, pp. 173-198 (1998)

Other publications

  1. E.H. D`Hollander, E.E. Kerre, P. Shi, M.C. Vanwormhoudt, C.Q. Zhu, Z. Pu and F. Vandamme Topics in Knowledge and Information Technology A Flanders-China Cooperation on Science and Technology Management, High Performance Computing, Intelligent Systems and Virtual Reality Proceedings of the International Symposium on Topics in Knowledge and Information Technology, pp. 1-227 (1997)