Coventor SEMulator3D available at reduced cost

The Microelectronics Support Centre at STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory is pleased to announce that SEMulator3D from Coventor is now available at reduced cost.

SEMulator3D is a powerful 3D semiconductor and MEMS process modeling platform that offers wide ranging technology development capabilities. Based on highly efficient physics-driven voxel modeling technology, SEMulator3D has a unique ability to model complete process flows. Starting from input design data, SEMulator3D follows an integrated process flow description to create the virtual equivalent of the complex 3D structures created in the fab. The SEMulator3D Viewer shows a 3D rendering of the virtual device model at every step in the process. Cross-sectioning and dimensional measurements can be performed anywhere on the 3D model.

To complement the above, two additional modules are also available:

The SEMulator3D Advanced Modeling package adds two additional process steps to the standard library: MultiEtch and Selective Epitaxy. These two steps provide more accurate modeling of plasma (dry) etching, and selective epitaxial growth, respectively.

The SEMulator3D Automation package enables automated parameter variation studies and related data analysis, and includes both SEMulator3D Metrology and SEMulator3D Expeditor.

For more information on SEMulator3D and the other Coventor tools, the price list and the software order form please visit the Europractice website at

For access to the two additional modules, SEMulator 3D users (existing or prospective) should provide us with a description of the project where the software will be used and this will be sent to Coventor for consideration.

If you have any questions then please contact us.


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