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Jan M. Van Campenhout

Prof. Van Campenhout is the Head of Department of the Electronics and Information Systems Department (ELIS) of the Faculty of Engineering, and serves on the board of Directors of Ghent University .

He teaches courses in digital design, and his research interests include the study and implementation of various forms of parallelism in information processing systems, currently focused upon the modelling and design of short-range parallel optical interconnects from a systems perspective.

He is a member of the PARIS research team of the ELIS department.

Jan M. Van Campenhout was born in Vilvoorde, Belgium, on August 9, 1949. He received a Degree in Electro-Mechanical Engineering from the University of Gent, in 1972; and the MSEE and PhD Degrees from Stanford University, in 1975 and 1978, respectively. He is a Member of Sigma Xi, K.VIV., and IEEE.

Activities in optoelectronic interconnect include the study of architectural issues of short-range optical interconnect in electronic systems, and the development of demonstrator systems such as OIIC's opto-electronic system demonstrator and the IO project demonstrator.


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Prof. dr. ir. Jan Van Campenhout
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