Alex De Vos

Alexis De Vos obtained his

electrical engineering degree at the Universiteit Gent in 1973,
physics degree at the Centrale Examem Commissie in 1976,
applied sciences Ph. D. degree at the Universiteit Gent in 1979, and
habilitation at the Universiteit Gent in 1981.


Alexis De Vos is currently part-time system engineer of the v.z.w. Imec, the Flemish interuniversity microelectronics research centre in Leuven, and part-time professor (hoogleraar) at the Universiteit Gent. His research is concerned with material science (polymers, semiconductors, metals, liquid crystals), microelectronics (thin films, chips, neural networks) and energy sciences (thermodynamics, solar energy, endoreversible engines). He is author of the book `` Endoreversible thermodynamics of solar energy conversion '' (Oxford University Press, 1992) and co-editor of the book `` Thermodynamics of energy conversion and transport '' (Springer Verlag, 2000). The journal papers and conference papers, he published, can be found here.


He has studied the fundamental thermodynamic limits of solar energy conversion. He applies endoreversible thermodynamics, not only to solar energy conversion, but also to other energy systems, partly in the framework of the pan-European Carnet Network. He uses endoreversible thermodynamics in economics and computing. He designs, in full-custom, both analog c-MOS circuits and digital c-MOS circuits. The processing of the chips happens within the Invomec division of Imec and the Europractice consortium.


Here is a 1,548-transistor integrated circuit : a 20-channel audio filter bank for speech processing.


He lectures three courses:

  • ``Fotovoltaische zonne-energieomzetting'', a course on photovoltaics, for students in science or engineering.
  • ``Duurzame energie en rationeel energiegebruik'', a course on renewable energies, for students in science or engineering.
  • ``Elektrotechniek en elektronica'', an introductory course on electrical and electronical engineering, for students in technical economics.

and is responsable of demonstrations and hands-on exercices of

  • ``Analoge elektrische komponenten en schakelingen'', a course on analog electronic circuits, for students in electrical engineering.

Finally, he is the proud discoverer of an error in equation 3.415.1 of the Gradshteyn and Ryzhik ``Tables of integrals, series, and products''. See latest errata table by Alan Jeffrey and Daniel Zwillinger.


prof. dr. ir. lic. Alexis De Vos
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