CMST haalt doorbraak in LCD-contactlens

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De onderzoeksgroep cmst slaagde er in een sferisch LCD scherm in te bouwen in een contactlens, als eerste stap naar allicht een ‘head up display’.
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Switching of a contact lens shaped display. The contact lens is still transparent but is able to modulate the transmitted light using LCD technology. Direct applications could be medical, as an artificial iris, or cosmetic, as an iris with tunable color, or it just could serve as a gimmick. The dollar sign is a reference to the many cartoons featuring people/figures with dollars in their eyes :)

When worn, the image would only be visible to bystanders, since the eye cannot focus on objects in such a close proximity. Research is currently being performed to solve the focusing problem and to see whether an embedded contact lens display that can be seen by the lens wearer is feasible.

For more information, contact me using the email address mentioned in the video.

All work was performed in the Centre for Microsystems Technology, Ghent University, Belgium.

Music: Warpfish by Warakie