HiPEAC Tech Transfer awards for Bjorn De Sutter and Lieven Eeckhout

In December 2013, the steering committee awarded a HiPEAC Tech Transfer Award to the following HiPEAC members:

    Jari Nurmi, GuarDingo - monitoring without sensors
    Alastair Donaldson, GPUVerify
    Manuel Arenaz, Appentra Solutions
    Lieven Eeckhout, DaMon IP
    Andrea Bartolini, Advance Energy/Thermal control techniques for supercomputer operating cost reduction
    Bjorn De Sutter, Software protection of native code
    Guillermo Lopez Taboada, Java Fast Sockets (JFS) and FastMPJ
    Juan Eusse, Computer vision algorithms

More info: the HiPEAC newsletter