In order to satisfy the increasing demand for interchip interconnect bandwidth, a number of current research projects are concentrating on the use of waveguided optical interconnect arrays to span PCB-range distances. To accelerate system design and technology development, CAD tools for the design and the simulation of the interconnects are indispensable. We are developing a design methodology for optical inter-chip interconnects, to produce a tool for assisting system designers on deciding on product and parameter options for the different interconnect building blocks. A mandatory first step in this methodology development concerns the investigation of the combined impact of individual product and parameter variations on system-level interconnect system properties. Accurately predicting some interconnect properties requires analog simulation of the full electrical-optical-electrical links. Detailed models for the link building blocks involving geometrical calculations are much too slow for this purpose. Circuit-level simulation tools, with appropriate model descriptions, are much more suitable. In this paper, we describe our framework for the joint simulation of the entire optical interconnect with a mixed analog/digital system. We discuss in detail a number of issues that are involved with the implementation of circuit-level simulation models in the analog modelling language Verilog-AMS, and show a link simulation example.