his paper presents a memory organization for SDR inner modem baseband processors that focus on exploiting ILP. This memory organization uses power- efficient, single-ported, interleaved scratch-pad memory banks to provide enough bandwidth to a high-ILP processors. A system of queues in the memory interface is used to resolve bank con?icts among the single-ported banks, and to spread long bursts of con?icting accesses to the same bank over time. Bank address rotation is used to spread long bursts of con?icting accesses over multiple banks. All proposed techniques have been implemented in hardware, and are evaluated for a number of different wireless communication standards. For the 11a|n benchmarks, the overhead of stall cycles resulting from unresolved bank con?icts can be reduced to below 2% with the proposed organization. For 3GPP-LTE, the most demanding wireless standard we evaluated, the overhead is reduced to less than 0.13%. This is achieved with little energy and area overhead, and without any bank-aware compiler support.